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Do boomers know bots aren't people?

I just got a book by Peter Krockpot and on opening it randomly the first thing I see is him calling Malthus a dumbass

No drinking for only four days and I’m in desperate need of some entertainment

Just found out steve carell and jim carrey are two different actors

I need an alternative to google that isn't [another seach engine]... i need a lifestyle alternative....

It doesn’t seem right you have to pay for domain registration lol.

“ This has not stopped scientists from attempting a direct attack on the problem.” lol

I was cooking dried chick peas for 1.5h without softening them much... added baking soda and they mushified quick

It simply doesn’t make sense that anything humans could do would affect the climate. The planet is too big.

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tragedy, to me, is how cats narrowing their eyes indicates trust & affection, but to humans it looks like they're angry

Big Outsider shrine energy from night time gro-lamps shining from people's windows

nerd bs 

Increasingly the "farmer's walk" is the only exercise that has relevance to my life

Sadly but angrily googling about salami

"An absolutely erroneous and harmful idea is being inculcated upon the masses, the idea that the present-day Social Democratic parties, with their present leaders, are capable of changing their course from an erroneous to a correct one.

That is not the case. The present-day Social Democratic parties and their leaders are incapable of seriously changing their course. In practice everything will remain as before. The “left” wishes expressed in the majority resolution will remain innocent wishes."

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“messy little fuckhead who lives for online drama”

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