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I'm feeling a gap between my friends who are serious but dull with lockdown stuff and my online friends who are talkative but it's mostly just noise

brb shooting a khergit's eye out with my crossbow

- me open paradox game
- me pick random country to play
- game notification: "pick an ambition"
- me look at screen with 40 buttons on it
- me click button that says "Quit Game"

@dankwraith i kinda want to know what nextdoor's karen problem is now tho 😆

@dankwraith well actually a bell curve refers to the gaussian distribution which is a mathematical model of real statistical events and data which machibe learning starbtub is apolitical scientific whereas karen is a expression of racial hatred

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About to prank call some landlords

@esvrld seems like someonw put a lot of, revision, in this toot

Why does an onion plant grow 1 or 2 really long leaves at a time? What is it plotting?

There’s something severely fucked up about people who respond 100 times to their own tweet @dankwraith they used to say the same thing on diaspora

@esvrld jokes have to be funny otherwise it isnt a joke. Thats what I always say

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