"hacker" "news", GNU's Not Unix Image Manipulation Program Discourse, slur mentioned as an example 

currently watching The Stand. These guys are fucked!

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She harassed me by whining and trying to jump on things until I paid attention to her, then went and sat pointedly by the paper bag until I put it on the bed

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just found out the derivative of ln x is 1/x. mind blown

@gcupc I just finished it yesterday, what do you think?

I think something's wrong with me, I just can't get into real time games.... whether it's AI War, Vicky II, Shadow President, even dwarf fortress, whatever, the real time aspect drives me nuts... just sitting there waiting for something to happen.... I can't do it.. I want to, but I can't

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@Matt_Noyes They are banning a lot of stuff lately huh?

Mmm there's nothing better than Cold Rice

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The only thing worse than a slack invite is a discord room!!!

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