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I'm feeling a gap between my friends who are serious but dull with lockdown stuff and my online friends who are talkative but it's mostly just noise

brb shooting a khergit's eye out with my crossbow

- me open paradox game
- me pick random country to play
- game notification: "pick an ambition"
- me look at screen with 40 buttons on it
- me click button that says "Quit Game"

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About to prank call some landlords

Why does an onion plant grow 1 or 2 really long leaves at a time? What is it plotting?

There’s something severely fucked up about people who respond 100 times to their own tweet

Trying to explain my idea of a “nice apartment” to coworker without explicitly saying “large space filled with darkness”

I hate passwords so much. I forgot every password I ever had. What is the point of these dumb words

Roleplaying corvo attano as the sith apprentice of Darth Moray

People love a finished product but not the work in progress. That's what ruins me because I'm most excite at the start of doing something new. By the end I'm bored again

Online lefties who talk like reading marx is like decoding the voinovich manuscript drive me up the freakin wall...

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my cats are the most adorable 

What if woman were one of those nerdy linux backronyms like gnu

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