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I'm very uncomfortable calling anything that includes meat or cheese a "salad"

Repubs making fun of the demoncrats fucking everything up in total chaos and fear don't realise they'll be doing the same thing in a few months when Bernie is charging out of the night at them

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What I use for:
python - writing programs
clisp - doing arithmetic
golang - writing programs
awk - writing programs
cpp - writing programs
bash - writing programs

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my website: <!doctype html><ul><a href src=“http://www.hatever”></ul>

some very smart person: It needs javascript to load

What is the point of mimicking 90s internet if your website requires javascript to even load 😂 ⚰️

I’d like to order a sour beer one day without the bartender acting like I’m from mars

What a world we live in where a white woman can’t say something casually racist online without being violently attacked by vladimir putin’s terminator army

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subject: MAPS

yall ever heard of the spilhaus projection aka the fish map aka the best map ever?? it shows the ocean as it truly is, one large connected body of water.

I honestly think javascript programming causes brain damage

Nothing is more awkward than Alekhine's Gun taking semion strogov into a bar in texas and trying to fit in


I still don't know why liberals hate glenn greenwald so much. did he say something mean about hillary or something

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